Sell My Boat

Looking to sell your boat?

Do you have a boat you are looking to sell? Sunshine Coast yacht brokers sell all types of boats including Yachts, Trailer Boats, Power boats & all commercial boats. Sunshine Coast Yacht Brokers will ensure it is a hassle free sales process.

Sunshine Coast Yacht Brokers are your local boating experts who are happy to provide the best advice on which pathway to take in selling your boat.

We offer a full drone photography package, high quality HD photographs & professional video walk-through’s included in our commissions.

We can go the extra mile and offer virtual tours for a small extra fee.

We guarantee to represent your boat better than any other broker in South East Queensland. 

If your boat is presented to its highest potential, you can expect the highest offer for your boat.

What do I need to do to get my boat ready for sale?

First impressions count! To get the highest possible price, you must make sure your boat presents well. You can do this by making sure it’s clean and uncluttered. Clutter is a horrible first impression and makes photography very difficult. The less you have on a boat, the larger it looks and feels. 

We understand you may still have personal belongings on board, however we recommend you do your best to keep them hidden from sight. Most of the time, a buyer will know instantly if they are buying the boat or not, so it is worth spending a bit of time and a couple hundred dollars to ensure the boat is in tip top shape.


Most buyers will check every nook and cranny, including the bilges which speak volumes and spark questions around whether the boat has leaky hatches, engines etc. 

SCYB highly recommends any vendor getting their boat ready for sale to empty and clean the bilges with an environmentally friendly detergent.  Clean bilges is also beneficial for a boat owner, so that if any leaks appear you will know straight away. If the bilge already has oil and water in it you won’t notice if you get a new leak.

Engine Room:

Once again, the engine room says a huge amount about how a boat has been maintained. Oily engines with flaky paint are red flags for potential buyers. Give your engine a wipe down and even respray it with some high temp paint, it will make a world of difference.

The Head:

Although not always important, a smelly boat could turn buyers away. Keep your toilet clean and free of any smelly odours. Bad smells could indicate problems with the hoses and/or sewage systems. It is worth making sure the head is in good working order to prevent putting buyers off.


Most used boats will not have perfect sails; however, bad conditioned sails can turn a buyer off instantly. A little-known fact is that it can actually be quite cheap to have a sail maker clean and repair sail, which instantly appeals to all buyers.

Rust Stains: 

Most boats get rust stains. Even timber and fibreglass boats. Rust stains drip down from metal objects such as rigging, exhaust pipes, water outlets etc and can really bring down first impressions. This problem is easily rectified – you can purchase rust stain remover from any hardware or boating store and wipe them off.

The Rest of the Boat:

We suggest you do your best to ensure all items are in working order. Broken or non-functioning items devalue a vessel in the buyer’s mind. If it doesn’t work and is beyond repair – take it off the boat. 
Mould and dirty surfaces can be a common occurrence, especially inside cupboards and bathrooms. This is highly unattractive to a buyer. It can be good practice to keep dehumidifiers in places that are prone to mould, and air fresheners spread throughout the boat to ensure it smells great.  All in all, for the highest chance of getting the desired price for your vessel, it must be in good working order, and be as clean and decluttered as possible. First impressions count!

Trust us

After all, we are here to help you. Ask us “what can I do to help sell the boat?” We know what we are talking about and it is often easy for us to see small things that don’t require money to be spent, but can make a huge difference.

The last word

No boats are guaranteed to sell fast, even if everything is in tip top condition and smells amazing. There is no magic formula to tell how long a boat will take to sell.