Adams 55 Passagemaker

Adams 55 Passagemaker

"Amelia J" is a great example of a Joe Adams designed passagemaker. It consists of an impressive fit out in tropical timbers with parquet flooring throughout. From the moment you step on board you can feel and see the extent of the build quality. Everything is built to last.

Built to 1D survey for 41 and 2C for 10 (not current), this Joe Adams designed pilot house motor sailer was completed and launched in 1995. Inside the spacious pilot house are all the steering and electronics to control every aspect of this fine vessel. This vessel could take you around the planet! With a fuel capacity of 3400 litres, the 6 cylinder Kelvin burns around 5lph at crthatsng revs of 700rpm. Kelvin engines were designed and built in Glasgow for the discerning Scottish fishing fleet for ease of maintenance and longevity - the Kelvin successors Polar Engines still hold just about every part that would ever be required to repair this engine but all ancillaries like water pump, injector pump and fuel lift pump are generic, water pump is same as Perkins 6-354, fuel pump is CAV as is lift pump; all of these pumps have been professionally serviced in the last 12 months. A spare starter motor and alternator have recently been serviced but spare brushes are onboard. It is possible to totally rebuild this engine in situ- there is access to the big ends through ports in the side of the sump and pistons and liners are easily replaced from the top of the block. This engine would get you over 28 days of motoring non-stop before needing to refuel. At cruise she sits on 7.2 knots, that's over 5000 miles. Under sail with the motor just in gear at 380 rpm she will cruise at 8kts in 15kts of breeze abaft the beam and burn next to nothing.

Although fitted with an 8kva generator there is also 1500 watts of solar. The solar allows the 240vac fridge compressor to keep the freezer at -20 degrees C and normal household electrical devices to be used all day long (Oven, Microwave, Cooktop, washing machine, vacuum cleaner etc)

As she was built to survey the hull is divided with watertight bulkheads with submarine style watertight doorways between compartments.
The deckheads are insulated with 4" closed cell foam which is carried down the cabin sides. The wheelhouse is insulated down to deck level. The engine room is insulated for both sound and heat with glass fibre held in place with noise cancelling sheeting.

The headroom throughout this vessel is what separates this vessel from most. With almost a 2m minimum head height throughout the vessel, the Salloon/Galley, and cabins boast an impressive 2.5m ceiling height.

The layout of this vessel includes a Queen bed aft with an ensuite, with a second cabin that consists of a queen bed. You climb forward where you will find the pilothouse, which is at deck level and the main entry to below deck. The pilot house consists of plenty of seating and everything you need to control the Vessel. Walking forward down the stairs is where you will come across the combined galley and salloon. In the bow of the vessel is where you will find the 3rd cabin, with 4 comfortable sized bunk beds and a private toilet and shower.

A very detailed survey was done on the boat in May 2021. In the past year the following improvements have been professionally done - mainsail furler and new mainsail, new water cooled refrigeration condenser unit, generator full service including new heat exchanger, all gate valves removed and rebuilt, main saltwater intake and exhaust outlet piping renewed, engine driven bilge pump and wash down pump totally rebuilt bearings and impellers, hull stripped and repainted with Jotun Imperite above the water line and Seaquantum ultra antifouling (professional quality antifouling expect 3 years before renewal)

For more information on this beautiful Vessel, please call Harrison from Sunshine Coast Yacht Brokers on 0405 110 310, or send through an email to sunshinecoastyachtbrokers@gmail.com.au

Make: Adams
Model: Passagemaker
Year: 1993
Length: 68.00 Feet
Beam: 4.88 m
Draft: 2.5 m
Fuel: 1700 l
Water: Yes
Engines: Diesel
Total power: 96
Cabins: 8 Comfortably
Sleeps: 1 x Queen Cabin Aft, 1 x Queen Bed Midships, 4 Single Bunks Forward Aft cabin includes queen size bed with plenty of wardrobe storage and extra move around space, and an ensuite. Slightly further forward is a separate crew cabin with queen bed and dressing room. The fore cabin has 4 spacious bunks all 2m long and includes a shower and a toilet Headroom more than 2m through all cabins
Cruising speed:
Maximum speed: